10 Ways To Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight!

For many years I have been compiling different weight loss methods and techniques, and throughout my personal journey I found many ways to trick my body into losing weight. For example certain herbs and spices speed up your digestive tract; in turn this prevents your body from absorbing as much fat and carbohydrates. Also certain foods that we are told to eat by doctors, health advisers and dieticians are in fact stopping us from losing weight and in the quantities we are encouraged to eat them in, we are actually gaining weight!

My members have tried and tested all of these ‘tricks’ to find out which ones worked best, so I put together 10 of the best ‘tricks’ (voted for by my class members). Each member who took part in the testing found that their weight loss increased dramatically.

By using this cheat sheet you will have well planned low calorie meals that mean you can eat almost anything you want and still lose weight!

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