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Don´t Let Your Body Sabotage Your Weight Loss!!

We seriously underestimate the effects that losing weight and yo-yo dieting can have on our skin, and if these issues aren´t addressed now, BEFORE the weight loss begins, and depending on how much weight you want to lose, you could be left with stretch marked, wrinkled & sagging skin! These skin issues may not just affect the areas where you carry most of your extra weight, they can also effect the areas you would least… Read the full article

“Weight Loss For Life”: Tips & advice

For a couple of years now and with great success I have been running weight loss classes using the guidelines, rules and structure that I used to lose 138lbs, the same guidelines, rules and structure that I continue to use and have effectively kept the pounds off right up until today. But for over a year now my classes have been full and I have been turning people away which really affected me, so I… Read the full article