5 Foods You Must Avoid!!

I have always promoted foods that encourage weight loss in my classes, but for the past 3 months I have also been making people aware of the foods that they should be avoiding at all cost!!

I only give one food type a month to eliminate from their diets as homework, this is because it’s far easier to concentrate on removing one food from your diet at a time, plus it can feel very restrictive to avoid 5 foods at once, and can often lead to confusion, frustration and weight gain!

The first food type that you should avoid at all cost is:

Fruit juice/fruit smoothies etc.

Why should you avoid this seemingly healthy food type I hear you ask, well…..

When you eat a raw piece of fruit, let’s say a banana, you chew it, swallow it and then your body breaks it down. All fruits & vegetables are made up of small cells that your body when digesting it is unable to breakdown fully. This means that the cells will pass through you relatively untouched, and your body has absorbed some of the nutrients & goodness yet only a fraction of the sugars & carbohydrates and they remain a complex carbohydrate.

What isn´t common knowledge and effects the weight loss attempts of millions of people throughout the world is: if you warm-up/cook, cool/freeze, mash/blend or juice fruit and vegetables you are breaking the cells down to a level where ALL of the sugars, carbohydrates and other nutrients are released, so in actual fact your body will absorb ALL of the sugars & carbohydrates and can result in weight gain as they are MORE calorific!!

For example: eating an orange instead of drinking orange juice would save you over 280 calories (per day) alone!! If you did that everyday it equates to 102,200 calories or 21.19lbs every year!!

If you follow this advice and swap fruit juice for 1 piece of fruit or preferably a vegetable you will lose weight!! Just look at the calorie savings every: day, month & year!!

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