About Natalie

 Hi, my name is Natalie Anderson and I have  struggled with my weight for most of my life. I was an active teenager who loved sports, going out with my friends and really enjoyed life, but this all changed when I reached my late teens! I started putting on weight for various reasons and for almost 14 years it drastically yo-yoed up and down, eventually reaching 312lbs!

I tried every weight loss technique from 30 day miracle diets to soup diets, and no carb diets, but they all left me the same way: heavier than when I first started them! Granted, I did lose weight every time I started a new diet, but then I would plateau very quickly and eventually I would give up, and this repetitive cycle of yo-yo dieting became my life!

I felt these diets were unsustainable as my body always craved things, and I don’t mean chocolate cake or candy, I mean the basics like carbohydrates from vegetables, vital sustenance and vitamins from dairy products, and no amount of supplements made up for what I lost through lack of food. I also found these diets and their websites expensive to follow so I made sure that becoming a member of my blog site was free!

The bottom line was: my body needed what I wasn’t allowed to give it!

This meant as soon as I finished any of the diets my body would immediately revert to what it knew best: stock piling carbohydrates and sugars, as it had been denied them for so long and all of my lumps, bumps and double chins would quickly reappear!

By the time I finally realized these diets set me up to fail, I weighed over 312lbs and my physical & mental health was at an all time low. I couldn’t do all the activities my friends did, I even had trouble with day to day things like walking, playing with my friends kids and household chores. My losing weight wasn’t just about looking good it was about having a certain quality of life and having children of my own (which I was having trouble with as a direct result of my weight). I knew then that if didn’t sort this life altering problem out my life wouldn’t be worth living. So I tried and tested many different weight loss methods over a period of several months and found out what worked and what didn’t, I studied diet, nutrition & exercise and put a plan together called: Weight Loss For Life.

Shortly after I started losing weight fell pregnant with my son, and I found one of the most difficult times to lose weight was after giving birth, but I stuck to what I knew best, which meant that I allowed myself adequate time, didn´t starve myself, enjoyed life’s little treats and by using the slow & steady approach I reached my goal weight. I am now 138lbs lighter and have kept them off for over 3 years!

I started my weight loss classes locally over 2 years ago and with great success! I teach the exact same structure and use the same guidelines that I did to lose my weight, and my class members tell me that their individually tailored Weight Loss For Life Plan’s are one of the main reasons this weight loss method works better for them compared to any others diets and methods they have tried! (Click here to register for free and get more information on my Weight Loss For Life Tips & Advice.)

I have 2 beautiful & very energetic children now and I find juggling my weight loss classes, running a household and organizing my husband a full-time job, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! I manage to sneak out for the odd night out with the girls and I have been known to drink the occasional Cosmo, but I must admit my favorite days are when I’m at home with the kids!

Our children keep us very busy and I try my best to balance family life with my work schedule, but what became apparent to me was that I was only reaching a fraction of the people who needed help with their weight loss, as my classes became full very quickly and I had to turn people away, so I realized the best way to reach everyone that wanted not only help but support with their weight loss was by launching my blog site and post tips & advice that I use in my classes each week.

I want people to understand that they don´t have to starve themselves, that they don´t have to deny themselves food, and that they don´t need to be miserable when they are losing weight! Losing weight does NOT have to be a chore!! Simple changes to your existing diet can and will make a huge difference to not only your weight but your life!! As I said, it’s free to register so click here and start your worry free weight loss journey today!! If you are already a member check out the amazing  ‘Cheat Sheet: 10 Ways To Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight’ by clicking here.