Achieve Permanent Weight Loss The Easy Way: A Very Frequently Asked Question

Here is the 3rd from a series of weight loss articles I published recently on a ‘How to’ website to assist and support anyone looking for the healthiest weight loss technique that lasts a life time:

As a result of my previous articles, I have received a lot of emails asking me the same question and it is a very important question that must be answered, for if you don´t know the answer to this you will struggle to lose weight successfully!

Q. What is the quickest way to lose weight and keep it off?

 A. Well I hate to tell you there is no quick fix to losing weight and keeping it off! Granted there are a number of detox’s & ‘miracle diets’ that state you will lose 30lbs in 3 weeks, and some of them do work (generally because you´re starving yourself), but as soon as you stop the diet or detox and go back to your normal day to day lifestyle you will pile the weight back on and more! So you are left even heavier than you were before your weight loss attempt. This is definitely the last thing you want to do, and I should know as over a 10yr period, I tried all sorts of fad diets, the result of which was yo-yo dieting culminating in weight gain!!

Step 1

Don´t Starve Yourself……Fad Diets Set You Up To Fail!!

I started to realize these diets were ridiculously unsustainable; and slowly came to the understanding that these diets set me up to fail, so I went back to basics. Now, after years of successful weight loss and weight maintenance I now teach my weight loss classes how to diet and successfully lose weight, and they understand as I do, that slow and steady wins the race! Although there are some tricks that you can use to speed up the process, but they all depend on personal circumstance.

But most importantly you have to have a suitable and sustainable plan that works for you, that fits into your lifestyle and that doesn´t allow you to plateau or experience hunger pains!

Step 2

Be honest…..You Are Only Cheating Yourself!!

The first thing I would do is keep a food diary for a week and ensure that you write down everything that you eat & drink, don´t miss out a thing-you are only cheating yourself, and I want to repeat that: you are only cheating yourself!

Then after a week, work out where most of your calories lay, is it in your drinks, snacks or meal times (this sounds like a stupid question, but believe it or not many people skip meals thinking they are saving calories, but they eat snacks that contain more calories than a full meal which defeats the purpose!)

Step 3

Don´t Diet…..Change Your Diet!!!

The next step is to design yourself ‘a change in diet’ not ‘a diet’, but a change in diet that’s suits your lifestyle and enables you to sustain the weight you lose.

If you don´t know how to create ‘a change of diet’ or you need help designing such a plan, simply drop me a line to, and I will also include some tips & tricks that help speed up the weight loss process!

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