Achieve Permanent Weight Loss The Easy Way: Part 1

This is the 1st in a  series of weight loss articles I published recently on a ‘How to’ website to assist and support anyone looking for the healthiest weight loss technique that lasts a life time:

 I know from personal experience how hard it can be to lose weight successfully and to keep it off! I remember how excited and motivated I used to be when I started a new diet, I would lose weight for a couple of weeks, and then I would plateau, then I would start losing weight again only to plateau few weeks later and it was unbelievably frustrating! This would happen time after time and on such a regular basis that I became exactly what I didn’t want to become: a yo-yo dieter. After some diets failed I would often end up weighing more than when I started them.

It is such an amazing feeling when you can finally fit into your favorite pair of jeans, trousers or skirt, but unbelievably frustrating when you wear them months later and because of your weight yo-yoing up and down you can’t fit into them again! All that hard work has gone to waste! Have you ever felt exasperated when you step on the scales, because no matter how good you were that week, you would always weigh more or less the same, or have you been let down by ‘miracle’ diets that promised you would lose 30lbs in two weeks and all you were left feeling was tired and hungry?

I had been yoyo dieting for over half my life and I reached the point where enough was enough and something had to give! For years I hated looking in mirrors and would avoid them at all cost, but for some reason one night I pushed myself, went into my bathroom, let my towel drop and just stared at myself in the full length mirror.

With every roll of fat my eyes glided over, my heart broke a little more; I kept wondering what had happened to the young woman who didn’t have to worry about the clothes she wore, or what other people thought of her, and who used to love getting ready for a night out. With every tear that rolled down my face I felt even more detached from who I had become, but with the same token that night changed me, I couldn’t ignore it anymore; I hated what I had become.

That night changed my life and I have never looked back. Everyone will have their own pivotal moments, but after mine I researched weight loss techniques for months and months, I tried and tested many different methods and found out what worked and what didn’t, I studied diet, nutrition and exercise formally and put together a plan that I call: A Life of Happiness & Health.

For a couple of years now and with great success I have been running weight loss classes using the same guidelines, rules and structure that I lost 138lbs with, and I have kept them off! I want to share some of the plan with you, and here is how it works:

In my experience if what you try doesn´t include the following criteria in any way shape or form you will fail, you must make sure your weight loss attempt has the following, and here are the reasons why;

I f you don’t have a diet and exercise plan that suits YOU, you won’t stick to the diet and you sure as hell won’t stick to the exercise plan, if you don’t have a diet and exercise plan that suits your LIFESTYLE, you will be surrounded by tempting foods that you shouldn’t be eating and you won’t have anytime to exercise, and if you don’t have a diet and exercise plan that is sustainable and that becomes second nature to you, it will be all to easy to slip back into old habits where you are eating the wrong foods and you will stop exercising completely.

Remember: a diet is not something that lasts for a few months and then stops, when I talk about diet it’s a permanent CHANGE OF DIET, not something temporary.

Just as you gained weight by eating the wrong foods on a regular basis, losing weight is achieved exactly the same way: by eating the right foods on a regular basis, and the same thing applies to keeping weight off: a lack of regular exercise will result in weight gain, so to keep weight off permanently you have to exercise regularly.

If you want to keep weight off you have got to keep on keeping the weight off, the minute you stop keeping weight off, guess what? The weight goes back on again; so here are few tips for you:

1. Work out your average calorie intake over a week, don’t forget anything, and write it down as you go. For the first four weeks cut out 2-300 calories from your daily intake of food, (if you are still over the recommended daily intake of calories for male or females- don’t worry, you are still cutting down but not so drastically that it will put you off! We can set new targets in the following weeks) do not go under 1800 calories!

2. Plan 4 meals of equal caloric value to be eaten at 4hr intervals, for example: 8am, 12pm, 4pm and 8pm. This means that your body will be fuelled throughout the day, try to eat your last meal at least 2hrs before you go to bed , this will give your body the best chance to burn off digested calories, this will also help your sleep pattern, and cut out any late night snacking!

3. Look up online and download the Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load Charts, they will tell you exactly what foods you can eat, how much carbohydrate is in each item and how quickly it is turned into sugar in your blood stream. These charts are very easy to use and they will help you decide what you can eat day to day or sparingly, so you don’t feel like you are missing out on anything. If you suffer from hunger you should eat bulky low carbohydrate foods that will fill you up, such as fish and salads etc. it will also show you how calorific a potato can be, as these charts demonstrate it’s the same as eating spoonfuls of pure sugar!!

4. The saying: ‘to work up an appetite’ is so accurate. The more you exercise the hungrier you will be, so the best kind of exercise for fat burning is low impact Isometric and Isotonic exercises, these are called resistance exercises and are used to strengthen muscles and protect joints. I would recommend using these kinds of exercises because you use less energy, and when you are on a low carbohydrate diet this is important because you won’t feel as tired or hungry as if you were jogging or cycling kilometers.

Isometric exercises are used stereotypically for arthritis sufferers as it strengthens the muscle around the joint without bending it, so if you have bad joints, these are best for you. If you don’t suffer from aches and pains then use Isotonic exercises to tone muscles, once you have done these for a few weeks add in low impact cardiovascular exercise such as walking and swimming, remember the more lean muscle you have the faster your body will burn fat.

Any doctor will tell you that what you eat directly affects how much weight you lose, and exercising regularly is what keeps the weight off and keeps your internal organs healthy. For example to work off a chocolate chip muffin with the caloric value of 550 calories, it would take over 5hrs on an exercise bike!! Where as if you want a ‘treat’ on a low carbohydrate diet, you could still eat that muffin, but just work out where you can cut out 550 calories from your other daily food. People often think ‘I can eat extra because I will burn it off at the gym’, when in actual fact that is not entirely true; it’s what you eat that directly effects your weight!! The simplest rule to stick too is: don’t eat more calories than your body uses in a day!

The three main benefits to exercise are:

1. ‘The feel good factor’, when you exercise your body produces endorphins which make you feel great.

2. ‘Staying Fit and Healthy’, you are keeping your internal organs healthier and lowering the risk of heart disease, lung failure and respiratory disease (amongst many others) by exercising.

3. ‘Toning’ when you exercise you are toning existing muscles and building muscles you weren´t even aware of, thus tightening your skin, burning fat and getting rid off or reducing things like bingo wings and sagging skin. The leaner your muscles are, the more fat your body will burn off.

These tips and guidelines are what I would normally give to my weight loss classes on their first day, and they are extracts from the complete weight loss plan, so they will not be as effective on their own.

The tips and guidelines interlink to give an all round weight loss plan that suits everybody, no matter how much weight you want to lose or how busy your life is. So if you are serious about losing weight and want more information or the complete list of tips and guidelines to get the best results, then by all means email me your queries and I will help you.

You may be asking why would I help absolute strangers; well the answer is very simple: I went through years of torment and depression due to my weight and with no support from anyone insight I thought this was my life, but a very special person supported and inspired me to make vital changes to my life, now I’m not saying I am inspiring but if I can at least help and support others to do the same then I have paid back the ‘favor’ so to speak. I don’t want anyone one else to feel like I did or go through what I did!

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