Achieve Permanent Weight Loss The Easy Way: Part 2

 Here is part 2 from a  series of weight loss articles I published recently on a ‘How to’ website to assist and support anyone looking for the healthiest weight loss technique that lasts a life time:

Step 1

Prepare To Lose Weight!!

These are a couple of the questions that kept popping up:

1. Q. I am a busy mom and end up eating junk food to save time. What are the best, quick & easy snack foods to make that are healthy & tasty?

A. Ok, so I find, as do a number of my class members that the obvious ones are often the best, fruit and vegetable snacks etc. But they don’t always fill you up or satisfy your taste buds. So what I suggest is baking! Yes baking! Once a week, for 30mins- 1hr, and its something you can involve the kids in. Split the batch* up into daily size snacks, add up all the calories in the ingredients and divide them by the number of portions you have split them up into, this way you are still controlling your calories, getting the energy you need and you can work it into your daily caloric intake.

*Flapjacks are great as oats give you the necessary energy to keep you going between meals and are a great substitute for breakfast; make them different each week by adding all sorts of fruits, nuts and spices, and once you have made a batch they will last all week. They are easy to grab, will satisfy your hunger and they will make you feel like you are indulging yourself.

Step 2

Workout Your Calories!!

2. Q. Its great saying ‘make your own foods’ but how do I work out the calories?

A. It´s very simple! If you are making a meal for 4, add up all of the calories contained in your ingredients, (for fruit and vegetables you can find their caloric value on many websites), once you have totaled the calories divide them by 4.

The best way to make this work is by making large batches of food and freezing them, it saves time throughout the week and you can monitor your calories far more accurately. Best of all you know there are no hidden extras in your food for e.g. E numbers, preservatives and other wonderfully damaging chemicals.

Step 3

Interactive Weight Loss!!

I hope these answered some of your questions, and for those of you who wanted different information, but haven’t yet got a reponse, please don’t worry i will get round to answering every email I have received!

Some of you also asked more about my classes, and I make it my goal have never turned anyone away, however my weight loss classes are full, so my solution is going to be to update my blog site and hold interactive weight loss classes. This means that everyone from busy parents to night shift workers, and people unable to get to me can in fact get help with everything from exercise tips, to weight loss plans, recipes and lots more!

No matter what time of day or night you will be able to access the ‘step by step’ or ‘class by class’ guides and information. I will email everyone the upgraded blog site address very soon, so feel free to email me for further details.

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