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Achieve Permanent Weight Loss The Easy Way: Part 1

This is the 1st in a  series of weight loss articles I published recently on a ‘How to’ website to assist and support anyone looking for the healthiest weight loss technique that lasts a life time:  I know from personal experience how hard it can be to lose weight successfully and to keep it off! I remember how excited and motivated I used to be when I started a new diet, I would lose weight… Read the full article

De-stress In 10 Minutes!

When a friend or relative catches you on an off day it´s bad enough, but when they tell you how tired you look and give you little gems of advice like: “get some rest”, “put your feet up”, or “just get a good nights sleep” , it makes you feel even worse ! I´m sure a lot of you can sympathize with me on this one because whether you have a busy social life, have… Read the full article

Let Me Do All The Work For You!

I have been sent a lot of messages and emails recently from people asking me what I eat, how I fill out my weekly food planner and for some recipe ideas. Some of you also  said that your meals were becoming very repetitive and as a result boring! So, I have decided the best way to help and answer all of your questions is to post my weekly food planner and hopefully you will get… Read the full article

10 Ways To Trick Your Body Into Losing Weight!

For many years I have been compiling different weight loss methods and techniques, and throughout my personal journey I found many ways to trick my body into losing weight. For example certain herbs and spices speed up your digestive tract; in turn this prevents your body from absorbing as much fat and carbohydrates. Also certain foods that we are told to eat by doctors, health advisers and dieticians are in fact stopping us from losing… Read the full article