De-stress In 10 Minutes!

When a friend or relative catches you on an off day it´s bad enough, but when they tell you how tired you look and give you little gems of advice like: “get some rest”, “put your feet up”, or “just get a good nights sleep” , it makes you feel even worse ! I´m sure a lot of you can sympathize with me on this one because whether you have a busy social life, have to get up for night feeds or have a hectic sleeping pattern because of work, it isn´t always possible to: “just get a good nights sleep!!”

After both my children were born I struggled to get more than 2hrs sleep at a time, and when you add:  school runs, kids’ homework, play dates, chores around the house and a career into the equation, it definitely takes its toll!! Never mind bags under my eyes; I had a set of luggage!!

For a longtime I didn’t have more than 30mins to myself so I started little pampering sessions that really helped me get through those never-ending days!

I shared a few of these ideas with my class members and they found them really useful so we have added relaxation workshops once a month (including demonstrations from beauticians, massage therapists and Reiki specialists etc) to our schedule. To find out which practices we found the best click here to register.

This may seem very simple but trust me it really works! To get the best effects I advise you to do this in the afternoon or before bed.

You will need:

• Lavender oil

• Face cloth

• Cucumber

• Large bowl of hot water

Step 1: boil the kettle and pour all of the water into the bowl and add 2-3 drops of  lavender oil into the bowl, put the face cloth into the boiling hot water and leave to infuse.

Step 2: Cut a couple of slices of cucumber for your eyes, find a nice comfortable chair, and if you can: put some relaxing music on quietly

Step 3: Pour some cool water into the bowl until it’s the temperature of a bath then bring the bowl including the cucumber to where you are going to sit

Step 4: Ring out the face cloth, put the cucumber over your eyes (this not only cools and calms the bags under your eyes, but protects them from the heat of the cloth) place it on your face and put your feet in the remaining water from the bowl.

Step 5: Lay back, relax and imagine you are at a 5 star spa!!

Try to do this at least once a week, not only will you more relaxed and a little more pampered but you might even get a better night sleep! To get more relaxation tips simply register for free.