Don´t Let Your Body Sabotage Your Weight Loss!!

We seriously underestimate the effects that losing weight and yo-yo dieting can have on our skin, and if these issues aren´t addressed now, BEFORE the weight loss begins, and depending on how much weight you want to lose, you could be left with stretch marked, wrinkled & sagging skin! These skin issues may not just affect the areas where you carry most of your extra weight, they can also effect the areas you would least expect, for example: your neck, cheeks, eye area, chest, arms and legs. But don´t worry, my class members and I have tried and tested hundreds of products over the years, and know which ones actually work and which ones are just pretty packaging!! (If you want a list of these products simply register and I will email it to you!)

Skin care is THE most important part of losing weight. By following all of the tips, tricks and advice from my weight loss classes, you will lose weight that´s the easy part, but what we have to address first is your skin care regime.

After discovering the very scary and life long damage that could have been done to my skin through weight loss, I started to test different products as did my class members. And we came to the logical conclusion that we had to develop an intensive skin care regime that would prevent all of the tell tale signs of weight loss and for our entire body.

Now if you just want to lose a few pounds, or less than 10% of your body weight you won´t be affected as much as someone who wants to lose more, but it also depends on how you lose the weight. If you drop the weight very quickly then you may still be affected by these skin issues, but if you use the Weight Loss For Life´s healthy and gradual weight loss method you will find the chances of your skin being affected a lot less.

With help from my class members and friends who worked for a laboratory we developed “The Vital Skin Care Regime”, which combats & prevents the harrowing effects that can happen to your skin as a result of the weight gain and the weight loss cycle.

Follow the steps below to successfully lose weight and prevent irreversible damage to your skin:

Step 1. Read through the material thoroughly and complete the planners, food diaries and questions.

Step 2. Complete The Vital Skin Care Regime Steps 1-4 (below)

Step 3. Follow all of the tips, tricks and guidelines posted on here from my weight loss classes!!

Click here to access The Vital Skin Care Regime, don’t worry: registration is free!!