Let Me Do All The Work For You!

I have been sent a lot of messages and emails recently from people asking me what I eat, how I fill out my weekly food planner and for some recipe ideas. Some of you also  said that your meals were becoming very repetitive and as a result boring! So, I have decided the best way to help and answer all of your questions is to post my weekly food planner and hopefully you will get some inspiration for mealtimes, plus I will even post my shopping list each week! Simply register for free to access my weekly planners and accompanying shopping lists.

With each post I will include my weigh-in results, this means we can lose weight together, and I encourage everyone to post their weight loss results as well.

Obviously I have been losing weight consistently for several years now, so I won´t lose as much weight or lose weight as quickly as someone who has just started losing weight , and If you are a new start so to speak you should be looking to lose anything from 1lb to 5lbs in a week, but in less ‘active’ weeks you may see a slight decrease in the weight you lose, but that´s perfectly normal it’s called: maintaining your weight loss.

When you are trying to lose weight meals can sometimes become stale, boring and repetitive! But if you follow what I eat not only will you benefit from years of successful and tasty meal ideas that all my members eat, but you can be confident in the knowledge you are following in the footsteps of someone who has lost almost half her body weight using the exact same method!

Take advantage of these benefits:

• Following a tried and tested food planner

• Having clear meals and snacks set out for you so YOU don´t have to count the calories

• Save valuable time because you don´t have to decide what you want to eat every week, or even write a shopping list: all you have to do is print it!!

• You don´t have to plan or even think about your food planner as it is set out for you

• You can mix and match the meals I eat to suit your tastes

• Eat & enjoy your food worry free, because you know the meals are designed and eaten by someone who has lost over 135lbs!!

• You don´t have to think! With everything set out for you in black & white you can´t fail!

• Even if you don´t follow the meals exactly, you can use the meals to give you inspiration for new recipes

Because of the high demand from members for new recipes I will be adding a recipe section very soon, so keep checking the site, or simply register for free and I will email you details of when they are available.