“Weight Loss For Life”: Tips & advice

For a couple of years now and with great success I have been running weight loss classes using the guidelines, rules and structure that I used to lose 138lbs, the same guidelines, rules and structure that I continue to use and have effectively kept the pounds off right up until today. But for over a year now my classes have been full and I have been turning people away which really affected me, so I had to find a way to reach as many people as I could.

Starting my weight loss blog site has proven itself to be the best way, as I can share not only my members weight loss stories, experiences, and successes, as well as my own, but also every tried & tested technique and method that has resulted in successful weight loss and weight maintenance spanning over 20 years. Thousands of people from all age groups have already been supported to lose weight using these tips & advice and have found them to be very user friendly and easy to fit into their life.

The online advice has been designed specifically for those who cannot attend my classes in person, whether it is because of distance, work schedule, busy home life or other commitments; these ‘classes as I call them, fit in to your life easily because whenever you need more advice or support, it´s always on here. It´s free to register so If you want more information, tips or advice on weight loss then click here.

You will be given access to all sorts of online materials, from recipes, food diaries to week by week planners, and you will also be given easy to follow class by class tips & information, these tips will include how to change your existing diet NOT how to go on a diet! And of course you will be given lots of support to meet your targets with our interactive chat room!

And the best bit about this support being online is that you can get in touch with me day or night, wherever you are in the world no matter what the issue is!! Simply message me and I will respond!! (To message me directly click here, register and follow the prompts)

Other benefits include:

• Get online support anytime, anywhere and chat with others who are in the classes

• Lose weight by making a few small changes that will make a huge difference to you your life and your waistline!!

• Get FREE recipes, meal ideas and complete shopping lists for week by week prepared food planners

• Easy to use downloadable materials like: ‘cheat sheets’ including amazing tips & tricks on how to cut the calories NOT the taste!

• Save time, energy AND money, by following what I eat on a daily basis with my weekly food planners and shopping lists

When you join this weight loss blog site you are joining a network of people from across the globe that are losing weight successfully and we are all enjoying our food guilt free!! Never diet, simply change your existing diet! 

PUT YOURSELF FIRST by clicking here, and get more information on my exclusive tried & tested weight loss tips, tricks and advice!!