Safely Lose 10lbs In 2 Weeks!

As you know from my blog and other published articles I don´t agree with the weight loss methods of FAD diets or diets in general. Not only do they encourage you to cut out food groups that your body needs, but they set you up to fail!

But I also understand as a woman, sister, wife and mother how important something such as a high school reunion, an important date, or a family event like a wedding can be. I also understand how important it is to look and feel your best and that sometimes you may need to drop a few pounds to fit into a dress, so…..

I have put together a 2 week plan (but don´t use it for any longer) that means you will lose an average of 5lbs per week. This plan was tested by 4 different groups of volunteers from my weight loss classes which included men & women of all ages, heights, weights and dieting experiences.

The reason I say don’t use this plan for more than 2 weeks is that your body will not sustain the weight loss in a healthy manner for much longer than that.

Click here to access the 2 week plan and look your best for any upcoming event!