Why Weight Loss Is SO Important!!

When you feel like you are on a constant roller-coaster of losing weight gaining weight, losing weight, gaining weight, losing weight and gaining even more weight, it takes a serious toll not just on your physical health but on your mental health as well. For every peak and trough this cycle has, your emotions soar & plummet accordingly, and what some people don’t realize (especially those who have never had a weight issue) is this constant fluctuation in emotions can be very taxing and hugely detrimental to everyday life as it can affect relationships, work, day to day stamina and how well someone reacts to situations.

Unfortunately weight gain also causes all sorts of physical problems like; painful joints, type 2 diabetes, diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, narrowing of arteries, and permanent disability to name but a few, but as I have already mentioned it’s not just your physical health that can suffer, your mental health can be affected too for example; your self confidence may plummet, your entire feeling of self worth may hit an all time low and as a result of this depression can creep in without you even knowing it.

But don’t worry, I am here to tell you that I have been through every peak and trough that this cycle holds and I have come out the other side with tried and tested methods that mean you too can be happy, healthy and smiling ear to ear, and the best part is: you don’t have to go on a diet!! (click here to get more information on my Weight Loss For Life tips & advice)

If done correctly (which I will demonstrate) losing weight should become second nature, in other words you won´t even notice that you are doing it! I cannot stress the importance of changing your diet, NOT going on a diet!! But, if done incorrectly losing weight can be one of the hardest and most time consuming things you will ever do!!

For example:

If YOU don’t have a diet and exercise plan that suits YOU, then YOU won’t stick to the diet and YOU sure as hell won’t stick to the exercise plan, and if YOU don’t have a diet and exercise plan that suits YOUR lifestyle, YOU will be surrounded by tempting foods that YOU shouldn’t be eating and YOU won’t have any time to exercise, and finally, if YOU don’t have a diet and exercise plan that is sustainable and that becomes second nature to YOU, it will be all too easy to slip back into old habits where YOU are eating the wrong foods and YOU will stop exercising completely.

REMEMBER: a diet is not something that lasts for a few months and then stops, when we talk about diet it’s a permanent CHANGE OF DIET, not something temporary.

SUCCESS in your weight loss = SUCCESS in your career, home life, relationships, increased confidence and self worth, they are all interlinked whichever way you look at it.

But I hate to tell you, that’s not where the damage to your body & mind ends, as all of this yo-yo dieting can take a massive toll on your skin!! You may end up with stretch marked, sagging and dimpled skin that may affect your mental health.

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